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Dolang Group Held After-sales Team Commendation Meeting

Mar. 15, 2021

In order to encourage advancement, set up models, and further stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of all after-sales personnel, recently, the after-sales commendation conference of Dolang manufacturing center was solemnly held in Dolang Nobel Industrial Park. 


This conference focuses on the recognition of outstanding after-sales installation engineers and excellent after-sales training engineers with outstanding performance in 2020. A group of people, one mind, for better customer experience, we have been making unremitting efforts! 


At the commendation meeting, Liu Han, manager of industrial robot business department, Xu Ming, regional manager of sales department, and representatives of the two winners, combined with their own work experience, made exchange speeches on how to base on their posts, fulfill their duties, and realize the overall improvement of after-sales service.


Manager Xu said that the best and most intimate service not only comes from the self supervision within the enterprise, but also from the excellent professional skills of after-sales service personnel. We have been acting to provide the best products and services to our customers.


Xu Shichao and Mu Kaifu, two award-winning representatives, from their own work content and responsibilities, will share the problems and solutions they often encounter in practical work without reservation. I hope that through this sharing of dry goods, more after-sales management personnel can gain and apply what they have learned to provide users with efficient, timely and high-quality service.



Mr Wang, general manager of the manufacturing center, said in his concluding speech that in 2021, we should set goals, pursue the process and get the results; we should take the customer as the center, take the results as the guidance, and take the customer satisfaction as the standard to strive to improve the market share. To improve customer satisfaction, increase customer stickiness, push the company after-sales work to a new height.


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