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Nobel NBL-4800 Automatic 1+1 mask machine available for ship

Apr. 09, 2021

NBL-4800 Automatic 1+1 mask machine is certified by CE, its main features are as follows:

1. The machine has stable performance, continuous adjustable production speed, max speed may reach 90pcs per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high raw material utilization, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, and effective reduction of labor costs.

2. The mask body forming machine adopts the insert type folding device, which is easy and quick to adjust.

3. The integrated welding tooth mold is adopted, and the material of the tooth mold is CR12MOV. The machining center is processed and formed once. After heat treatment, it reaches about HRC55 degrees, which greatly improves the service life of the tooth mold.

4. Using aluminum alloy frame, strong and beautiful, to ensure the size of the finished product is accurate.

5. Tension wheel setting can be performed to adjust the tension of the fabric width, thereby effectively ensuring the beauty and flatness of the finished mask.

6. Adopt independent nose bridge bar delivery unit for easy adjustment and maintenance.

7. The self-developed ultrasonic welding system for the mask machine is used, the output is strong and stable, and the welding quality of the product is effectively guaranteed;

8. Pneumatic components adopt SMC and AirTAC brand to ensure product quality and smooth movement.

9. The product discharge position is automatically stacked to facilitate the finishing and stacking of the finished masks.

Kindly visit its operation video via youtube:

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